NewFolder for Typemill

NewFolder for Typemill is a CMS theme made for, well, you know. Typemill. If you're wondering what it looks like or how it works, you're looking at it right now. I used Typemill to build this whole site, and I'm genuinely pretty proud of it.

Typemill is a flat file CMS that is specifically designed to make it quick and easy to deploy documentation, wiki, and knowledge-base style websites. Since NewFolder was designed for exactly that kind of website, it was a match made in somewhere or other.

Download and Install

As with NewFolder itself, you can clone, fork, or download the zip file of NewFolder for Typemill on GitHub. Here you go:

Once you've got it, just upload the whole folder to the themes folder in your Typemill installation, and activate it.


NewFolder for Typemill offers multiple settings, including:

  • Choose between the layout you're seeing now, and one where the page header is on the side.
  • Set a new default image for every page/post.
    • Set the amount of automatic blurring on that image.
    • Set the amount of darkening on the image.
  • Change your slogan.
    • Decide if you want your slogan turned off, on the home page only, or on every page.
  • Add custom text to the footer.

Future plans

  • Make it so you can change the color scheme from the Typemill admin screen.
    • Possibly as a plugin, because the theme settings screen is already getting long.


Default Typemill plugins tested and working:

In fact, I actually wrote styles specifically for some of these plugins to make sure they looked right.

  • Clipboard - Copy code blocks with a click. (Requires the Code Highlighting plugin)
  • Code Highlighting - Add syntax highlighting to your code blocks.
  • Contact Form - Add a simple contact form to the page of your choice. Requires the Email plugin.
  • Google Maps - Display maps on any page.
  • Math - Format equations properly.
  • Search - Sort of. See below.

Custom plugins:

I've set up a repository for plugins that have to be customized for usage with NewFolder for Typemill. So far, it's just the search plugin, but there may be more in time.

The search plugin in particular has been modified in the following ways:

  • I modified some of the form's HTML to be more accessible, and also to work better with NewFolder.
  • I removed all of the plugin's default CSS styling completely.
    • I reimplemented styling consistent with the NewFolder in the theme itself.

If you install the official search plugin, it *should" still work. It just won't look right.