I live on / create content for the Internet. I specialize in obsessing over technology, web design, open source software, and games. I can do it for you, too.

I've been designing websites for over a decade, and writing articles about web design on a freelance basis since 2013. I focus on making everything I write as easily-understood as possible, while also filling my articles with personality, and sometimes corny jokes.

I also build web stuff for fun in my spare time, like my own personal CSS/SASS framework, and other more short-lived projects. Last, but certainly not least, I contribute to open source software. It's my way of trying to make the world a little bit better.

Contact Me

The fastest way to hire me is to contact me via email. Think about it: the internet's been around for three decades, and email has yet to be completely outclassed. That's a heck of a thing.

Anyway, here you go: writeme@ezequiel.works


Technically, you're looking at NewFolder right now. I used it to build this site. Cool, huh?

NewFolder is a just-a-few-frills SCSS framework that I have created for my own personal use. It's designed to make it easy for me to develop new CMS themes and static sites as I experiment with new ways to make things online.

It features:

  • Easily customizable typefaces, colors, and other variables
  • A full suite of styles for text-heavy content.
  • A couple of navigation patterns.
  • Some pre-designed content elements for documentation and wiki-style sites.
  • A minimum of helpful mixins and helper classes.
  • A layout-agnostic philosophy.

I went and developed a whole website just for NewFolder, complete with documentation, downloads, and a NewFolder-based theme for Typemill CMS. It's all open source under the MIT license.

Open Source Contribution

I'm not much for programming beyond HTML and CSS, so I give back to the FL/OSS community in the best way I know how: by writing. Well, there's editing and proofreading too. Basically, I help out with documentation where I can, and leave actually developing software to the Serious NerdsTM.

Projects I've contributed to include: